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What We Do

We support schools to reflect on the ways they integrate content, language and literacy instruction, and support educators to establish pathways to meaningful participation for all students.

Design Teacher Toolboxes and Curriculum Resources

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We design teacher toolboxes and student materials that target the specific needs of SIFE and newcomers. They are culturally relevant and age-appropriate.


Our resources support access for SIFE in content classrooms as well as provide more comprehensive curricula for targeted intervention classes.

Train Groups of Educators

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We develop and facilitate interactive sessions (in-person or online) that target the needs of secondary educators and administrators who are invested in providing pathways to access for new immigrants and SIFE.

Modules include: 

  • Student Needs: The Spectrum of EL Newcomers 

  • Unpacking Language & Literacy Development for ELs

  • Leveraging Students Full Language Repertoire

  • Designing tasks for Input-Interaction-Output

Support Districts and Schools


We partner with districts and schools to conduct needs assessments around programming and instruction for newcomers.  We collaborate with leaders to identify opportunities for and barriers to learning for newcomers. We work shoulder to shoulder with teachers in and out of their classrooms to identify routines and instructional approaches that lead to learner engagement and growth.

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